Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Antman Premiere

Antman is the latest edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I was very excited for its release, so in preparation my boyfriend Luke and I decided to spot the stars at the European premiere of the film. I had never been to a premiere before but it was something I'd always wanted to do.

Standing up against some railings in central London for hours on end may seem like a chore to some, but for me the prospect of possibly meeting some Hollywood actors (and maybe even a superhero) made the wait entirely worthwhile.

Just after mid-day we arrived in London's Leicester Square (the location of the Antman premiere) greeted by multiple sky high posters of Paul Rudd confirming we were in the right place. There were a few fans and autograph hunters dotted around the Odeon cinema but it wasn't too busy at this stage so we were able to secure a spot right against the railings where we hoped some celebrities would walk past.

Director Peyton Reed meeting fans
The long wait for the premiere to begin didn't seem too bad at all, as we were kept entertained by witnessing the stage being set up and the ant themed red carped rolled out.

By the time the show had begun we were bursting with excitement as the place had filled up with hundreds of fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the lead actors... they were not disappointed.

The first to arrive was the director Peyton Reed. I didn't know much of the Hollywood directors work before this, but Luke being a true film geek filled me in on all the details as Peyton walked past.

Next to make a big entrance was Michael Douglas who plays Hank Pym in the film. The crowd buzzed with awe and excitement as he walked up the red carpet accompanied by his family.
Paul Rudd signing autographs

Soon after, we spotted Michael Pena arriving. Luke snapped a few photos of the actor as he drifted past however, much like the other celebrities he hadn't come over to our side of the crowd. We were beginning to think we were standing in the wrong place.

But then our negative thoughts ebbed away as Antman himself, Paul Rudd appeared in Leicester Square and after posing for the press photographers, walked straight over to us. We enthusiastically asked him for a selfie (as you do nowadays) and he kindly obliged.

Sadly however, I panicked and only managed to get about a quarter of my face in shot. I was so annoyed at myself at the time but to be honest I don't care now because I still got to meet the lead actor of the film which I think makes my first attempt at premiere-going a success!

Paul Rudd, Luke and a bit of my face
After the stars of the film had come through, a few British celebrities such as Isaac Hempstead, Leigh Francis and Blake Harrison along with YouTubers Tomska and Jack Howard arrived to walk the red carpet and watch the new Marvel movie.

It's now just over a week later and I have watched Antman myself. I can honestly say I thought it was a brilliant film. I imagined Marvel making Antman the joke superhero, but despite the odd comical moment that you expect in the MCU, they actually made Antman seem pretty cool.

P.S the after credit scene was awesome too!