Friday, 23 September 2016

The Games Of My Childhood

Children nowadays are surrounded by technology and are continually glued to mobile phones, tablets and gaming devices that are much more advanced than anything pre-millennium kids had. So, to all those like me who feel nostalgic at the sight of a wired controller, this blog post is for you. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite childhood games.

When my mum bought me and my brother a Game Boy Colour to share I was thrilled beyond belief. It seemed like the most amazing technology. Being able to take my Game Boy with me everywhere was so exciting, as I could carry on my Pokemon adventure wherever I wanted. Of course now it seems mad to me that Pokemon Go exists! Pokemon was definitely the most played game on my Game Boy. I had numerous different versions but my favourite two would have to be Pokemon Yellow as I could have Pikachu follow me around and Pokemon Crystal as I could finally play as a girl! Pokemon advanced onto various Nintendo devices and has now emerged on smart-phones. The fact that this game franchise has survived so many years and is now exciting a whole new generation proves its brilliance.

This was without a doubt one of my favourite PlayStation games. I first got Spyro Year of the Dragon on PlayStation One and fell in love instantly. It encompassed a range of quirky characters in a fantasy adventure to save the dragon eggs!
This game had so many levels with beautiful aesthetics. Of course the graphics now seem very dated compared with current games but at the time the vivid colours, creative designs and flexibility of what you could do and where you could go amazed me. Spyro will always be my favourite in-game hero.

Simpsons Hit And Run
The next entry on this list can only be described as a child friendly version of GTA: it's Simpsons Hit and Run. This game saw everyone's favourite cartoon family solving the mystery of a seemingly evil company 'Buzz Cola' while taking on various driving missions on the streets of Springfield. This game was so much fun as it let you play as various different characters in multiple locations and even had a zombie level.

Mario is another Nintendo great. The Mario games have come a long way over the years, even switching from a classic arcade style to more of a 3D look. Mario has made it onto my list because of how well the game has survived and developed over the years from something that began as a very simple game about a plumber saving a princess. There's now almost too many Mario games to choose from, gaming fans are thoroughly spoiled for choice.

The Harry Potter Games
Roaming the halls of Hogwarts as everyone's favourite boy wizard was an amazing experience as a child.
Looking back on the first game in particular now it had very basic graphics and simple missions, but I loved it anyway. It encouraged players to solve puzzles throughout the game and enabled you to feel like you were really at Hogwarts. I have to admit that I didn't play through all of the Harry Potter games but out of the ones I had the second was my favourite (even if it seemed impossible to drive the flying car).

So there we have it! Five of my favourite childhood games explained. Let me know in the comments what games you loved growing up.