Friday, 28 October 2016

Buffy Inspired Autumn Look

With autumn leaves coating the ground and Halloween just around the corner I’ve been trying out some nineties grunge themed outfits inspired by everyone’s favourite vampire slayer- Buffy! This time of year always makes me want to dress in dark colours with big chunky boots which we all know is statement slayer style. So, I have picked out some of my favourite items and have created a nineties autumnal look to share with you.

Boots - New Look £29.99

The first item I chose for this look was a gorgeous pair of chunky lace up ankle boots from New Look. These are also available in black but I chose to get them in dark red to match the natural shades of autumn and add a pop of colour to my outfit. These boots are super comfy as they only have a slight heel and they keep your feet lovely and snug in the cold weather. I love everything about these boots – they are perfect for kicking some demon butt!

Velvet scruchie - Boots £1
Nineties style was all about the accessories and velvet was a key trend. Therefore, the next item I used in this outfit was a black velvet scrunchie from Boots. Another similar accessory you could add to this look is a velvet chocker necklace. I am continually seeing velvet clothes and accessories in shops at the moment, so this trend is definitely making a comeback. The second accessory I added to this look was a silver crucifix necklace which was a style staple worn by Buffy.

With Halloween on the horizon I have been absolutely loving the dark colours in my wardrobe. To give this look a darker feel I added a black turtleneck crop-top. This top is fantastic as it adds a sleek feel to any outfit and is great for both nights out and everyday wear. It is very tight fitting but made of a stretchy material so is therefore really comfy to wear and perfectly shows off your figure.

Tartan skirt - New Look £19.99
A nineties look really wouldn’t be complete without a mini skirt. I chose this red tartan skirt from New Look. It’s made of a nice thick material which makes it perfect for the colder autumn and winter months. This skirt adds some colour to this dark outfit and is ideal for giving a retro nineties feel to any look.

There we have it a completed Buffy inspired autumnal look. If you add a stake then it’s a perfect cosplay for Halloween or you can be like me and just wear it as an everyday autumn look.

Boots – New Look £29.99
Velvet scrunchie - Boots £1
Necklace - Old
Top – Old
Skirt – New Look £19.99

Let me know what you think of this style in the comments below.



  1. As someone who regularly asks myself What Would Buffy Do? I adore this! Especially the scrunchie, such 90's nostalgia.

    1. Awh thanks so much! You've gotta love a good scrunchie :) X

  2. I love Buffy and this outfit gave me such a nostalgic feeling. Really creative from you to come up with something as practical and still trendy.

    1. Thanks so much I'm glad you like it! X

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! Me too I think tartan is perfect for this time of year X

  4. Such a cute outfit - I love the look of plaid skirts, and a black turtleneck is so classic chic.