Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Why Wonder Woman is so important...

The modern world is a scary place. Throughout history there have been great struggles for people to get their voice heard, whether that be because of prejudices against their gender, race or sexuality. Our ancestors fought for our rights throughout history to enable us all to be considered equal. Sadly, recent events in the world have highlighted that for every few steps forward we take, there can sometimes be a step back. In this blog post I'm going to talk about the importance of having female role models in films and comics in a time where women are sadly still having to fight for equality.

As a female in her twenties I have been privileged enough to be brought up in a generation where sexism is a thing of the past... mostly. I've never really called myself a feminist, as in the modern day we live in I hadn't felt a need. I hadn't come across many sexist remarks or actions. That was of course until recent events. The world appears to have taken a step back into the dark ages where it is seemingly okay for a man of great power to harass and insult women, making them feel inferior.

I was inspired by seeing women all over the world take to the streets to protest these dark times. I wouldn't want any young girls growing up to think it's okay for women to be treated any differently because of their gender.

This year powerful and inspiring female characters are due to be showcased on the silver screen. Wonder Woman will soon be empowering females everywhere in her own film and I for one can't wait. It is so important for young girls to have role models (even fictional ones) to show them that women can be strong, intelligent and powerful. It's vital to ensure that the next generation will improve fairness and equality and showing these attributes in films is a great way to get the message across.

Along with Wonder Woman, we will soon be seeing fictional female icons such as Captain Marvel and Lara Croft in cinemas across the globe. I cannot stress enough how excited I feel about this. The media is extremely influential and has a massive impact on public opinion. Blockbuster films showing strong women in the fictional world, can help women feel confident in themselves in the real world.

These fictional characters show women as being strong, powerful, inspiring and independent - all characteristics that are true to real life! I feel extremely lucky to be living in an age where women are professional CEO's, inventors, innovators, doctors, lawyers, politicians and generally just kick-ass ladies! I may see fictional heroines as inspirational idols, but I also see them as a reflection on modern society and the amazing women that are a part of it.

I feel extremely privileged to be living in a forward thinking generation that generally advocates equality. However, there are still some small minded individuals who are prejudicial towards people different to themselves. Those people need to pay attention to the world around them and appreciate their mothers, sisters and daughters, because lets face it… all of us ladies have a bit of girl power inside us.

We are all Wonder Women, we just need the confidence and support to show that off!


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  1. Hi Emma, I agree! I've grown up admiring the strength of Princess Leia, Hermione, Wonder Women, and, more recently, the Rocket Girls (though they are not fictional.) It's important for girls to know that they can be and are warrior queens. Thank you for the great post!