Wednesday, 19 April 2017

My thoughts on '13 Reasons Why'

This post is a little different to most of the posts on this blog. It is the first time I'm writing about something that doesn't relate to my usual geeky theme. This is because I wanted to share my thoughts about the recent Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

If you have not yet heard about this series, it is a tv show based on a book about the suicide of a teenage girl called Hannah. The series looks at the events leading up to Hannah's death, focusing on the individuals and situations that caused her to take her own life. The story is told by Hannah herself, through a recording she made on thirteen sides of cassette tapes before her death. It is a dark and heartbreaking story, but it highlights some of the real life issues young people face on a daily basis.

Although 13 Reasons Why was difficult to watch at points and made me both sad and angry at the world, I continued watching until the end, because it was telling such an important story. It is amazing that a show like this has been given such a large platform. This gripping and emotive series has raised awareness for mental health issues and given young people an opportunity to discuss the pressures and struggles they face - making them feel less alone. Personally, I think this is amazing.

However, I should warn you that it is not a good show to binge watch on your own. The series tackles some difficult issues and shows some extremely graphic and distressing scenes. If you have suffered from mental health or abuse yourself, you may find the show particularly difficult to watch. I only watched one episode on my own, but instantly regretted doing so because of the upsetting content shown.

Even though there were some very distressing scenes in the show that I found difficult to watch, I am glad that a show like this has been given a platform and has therefore given mental health sufferers a voice. The show takes viewers on a heartbreaking journey, but it is no doubt an important story to be told.

If you have not yet seen the series, I highly recommend watching it. Not just because it was well written, had great performances and was well produced, but because it makes you think about some of the pain people can suffer and what we can do to help each other get through it.

If you have watched the series, please let me know how you felt about it in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. I completely agree. This show was incredibly painful to watch at times (pretty I sure I cried through at least the last four episodes) but I am SO GLAD that it is out there and aimed at teens/young adults. It does not shy away from extremely hard and important topics and I definitely admire the cast and crew for bringing it to the screen in such a manner. There are so many things about this show that were well done, although extremely difficult to watch.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I'm so glad you think the same as I do x