Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How to get your 'Nerd News'

Geek culture is becoming ever more popular and as a result we are frequently being treated to more geeky goodies. From superhero films to comic-conventions we really are being spoilt! With so much going on, it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest nerdy news, so in this post I'm going to tell you how you can keep up with it all.

Firstly there are of course lots of geek themed magazines out there, particularly ones that cover TV, film and game releases. To be honest, I don't often buy these magazines as I rarely get time to sit down and read one, but if there is a particular edition that is covering a film I'm excited about or has a big interview in it then I do treat myself. My boyfriend loves magazines like Empire as they have great film reviews. Although Empire is not strictly a geeky magazine, with so many superhero and sci-fi movies now gracing our screens, the mag regularly includes geeky gossip we want to hear. However, if you are looking for a magazine that solely focuses on geek culture, I recommend checking out SFX or Starburst magazine.

Similarly, you can check out nerdy news sites such as GamesRadar or Nerdist. Sites like these have great articles on game release news. They also have detailed reviews of upcoming nerdy films and TV shows. The brilliant thing about these websites is that they present their news and reviews in a variety of different ways, including articles, videos and podcasts.

Personally I love searching social media for geeky gossip! I am constantly on Instagram as @glamandgeek scrolling through my nerdy feed to find out updates on geek themed films and TV shows. Social media is probably the quickest way to find nerdy news, but you do have to be aware of the gossip that sometimes gets tangled up with real updates. The other risk with social media is the dreaded spoilers!!! I can remember having a major Game of Thrones death spoiled for me by someone posting about it on Facebook. I was very tempted to unfriend the individual after the incident, but luckily for them I was forgiving.

Finally, a great way to find out the latest news is by socialising with other geeky peeps. If there's any news I've missed, my nerdy friends are sure to fill me in with all the details.

So, that's how you can find out the latest nerdy news. How do you get your geek updates? Let me know in the comments below!


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Embracing my inner girly geek!

This month I turned 22, which means I'm definitely a grown up now, there's no turning back! When you reach your 20s I think it is important to embrace who you are and not be afraid of what people think of you. I am a girly geek and every day I embrace these elements of my personality, whether that be by trying out new beauty techniques or showing off my PlayStation themed phone case. In this blog post I'm going to talk about how I embrace my true personality and why you should too.

A Pokemon training Princess #Goals
When I was little I thought there were two options: you were a tomboy or a girly girl. This was very confusing for me, as I appeared to be a bit of both. As a 6 year old my ambition was to be both a Princess and a Pokemon trainer. Of course these are no longer my goals as an adult, but they are still very much a part of my personality. I love my girly and fashion conscious feminine side and I adore the part of me that is passionate about geek culture.

Without a doubt, the hardest time to accept yourself for who you are is when you are a teenager. In my early teenage years I hung out with a group of VERY girly girls. I like to refer to them as: 'the compulsory lipgloss club'. 

Although I enjoyed being girly, I found it difficult to fit in with this group of girls, as they became extremely judgmental of anyone different to themselves. For example, I was criticised for being a fan of Doctor Who, as in their eyes it was definitely not classed as a 'cool' TV show. When hanging out with these girls you would be condemned if you had a single hair out of place, were wearing the wrong kind of clothes or didn't like the popular boy bands that they did.

Eventually, I saw sense and realised I would be much happier if I made friends with people who accepted me for who I really was. So, I did and instantly wished I had done it sooner!

Now, as an adult, I show off all aspects of my personality as often as I can. I do this because I am proud to be both geeky and girly. You should never have to pretend to be something you're not. Even if someone doesn't enjoy the same things as you, they may be interested to find out about your hobbies. When I tell people I've been to comic-cons they are often surprised, but intrigued to know more. If people don't like you for who you are, then that's their problem. You should never have to change yourself to please others.

Everyone is meant to be unique. If we all had the same personality, the world would be a very boring place. So, I urge you all to embrace your true personality and worry less about what others may think. Trust me, it makes you feel a lot happier and makes you a much more interesting person to be around!