Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My Favourite Film Scores

It's winter - the season of cold weather and cosy movie nights. It's got me thinking about some of my favourite feel good films and the music that accompanies them. An iconic film isn't complete without an epic film score, so I thought I'd tell you all about my favourite movie music!

Let's start with Star Wars. The music of this famous franchise gives me chills when I hear it. As soon as the words "along time ago in a galaxy far far away" appear on the screen you know the Star Wars theme is about to burst into action and fill you with excitement. The music from these films transport you to another world and I absolutely adore it.

Moving from space to archeological action adventure with Indiana Jones. My family all love the Indiana Jones films. Combining action, comedy, adventure and romance, these blockbusters really have something for everyone. The Indiana Jones theme is one of those scores that builds up and up and perfectly suits the cheeky yet heroic antics of everyone's favourite archaeologist.

Next up it's Pirates of The Caribbean. Curse of the Black Pearl was one of my favourite films when I was younger. I loved the bold and quirky personality of Captain Jack Sparrow and how despite being a pirate he really is a 'good guy'. The Pirates of The Caribbean theme music is an amazing orchestral track that lets the audience know they are going on an adventure.

Next it's the Harry Potter films. The world J K Rowling created with her books is truly magical and the films bring her stories to life on screen so well. Harry Potter is something that I'm positive will be adored for generations to come. The music that accompanies the films tells a story it's self. As soon as I hear Hedwigs theme I am transported into the magical world of wizardry and I instantly feel a great deal of joy and nostalgia.

And finally, Back to the Future. The music from this trilogy is absolutely brilliant. Of course in each film we are treated to classic hits from different eras as Marty Mcfly travels through time in the Delorean. But additionally to this we are blown away with a magnificent theme that is instantly recognisable whenever and wherever you hear it. It's an iconic piece of music that really builds up excitement and prepares you for an adventure. Honestly, I love it - I mean who doesn't!?

So those are some of my favourite music from the movies. Of course I could name many more, in fact I am positive that my list could go on and on forever. There are so many amazing pieces of music associated with films that can instantly make you feel escapism.

Do you agree? Is there anything you would add to my list? Let me know in the comments below.


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